this is the diary of my work as an artist manager for a genius rock act, wich is hailing up from a place called austria, the heart of europe. so..this is not a guide to breakthrough, it´s more a story with an open end.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

day fortyfour - "i feel" club single rocks germany

it´s done. the zeronic germany debut club single are on the several dj playlists, to be played in the germany rockclubs nationwide.

"i feel" is taken from the 2003 in austria only released album "feel the nothing".

feel free to listen to 3 songs

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

day twenty six - yes, something more happened

last days there are many things happened. it all fit together, so i work on a timetable for the next few months wich include many important things regarding producing the new record and also to do a release in different markets like UK, germany, italy etc.

i´m in contact with the management of our producer.
also i´m in contact with a good indy label in the UK..their a&r told me that my act have very strong songs and also he suggested me that i should try it on different uk labels with the actual demo, cause his label haven´t the capacity to sign new acts not until autumn cause they need to work full time, with their own acts and current breakthrough artists.

thats it for now.

good music never dies.


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Friday, March 11, 2005

day twenty one - oh my god, i can´t believe it...

last week, i met an a&r from a major company. it was very intersting, but also sober for me. cause now i think, majors are havin problems in there structure. their a&r was very friendly, but he told me that they aren´t havin that much money to produce a record with international famous producer. and that is what my act want. cause it´s possible to get good press if you have an international producer.

anyway. it was my first meeting with this a&r, and he is intersted on my act. i´ll keep him update and stay in contact.

yesterday, i´ve watched a documentary called "sunshine airlines - berlin" at the tv. there was peaches, miss kitten, cobra killer and germans newest pop wave sensation wir sind helden interviewed in different locations of berlin. they are talkin also very differnt about berlin. it was a good documantery about a great city. the only problem was, that i felt like a tourist. all is good there, nothing bad...that was the common sense.

thats it for now.

good music never dies.

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Saturday, February 26, 2005

day nine - there´s something happen in here...

next week, i´ll met an a&r from a major company. that´s a great thing, cause it seems there are some rumors in the biz.

also we got very good feedback from the UK and also germany...some club djs in germany are describe the upcoming first promo single release as a "full hit" for the dancefloor. so i´m looking forward:)
the song is called "i feel" and everyone can have a listen on

here is the link:

the best case would be a record deal in the next months, but that is a very hard thing
to get. also hard: to get support shows in front of acts like KILLERS or BRAVERY, but that would be really important.

thats it for now.

rock on,


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Friday, February 18, 2005

day two- like drinking poison like eating glass

i´m bored, cause today, it also nothing happen. i´ve send many mails out this week, but i thought that everyone ignore me.

yesterday, i get an e-mail from "drowned in sound"...their newsletter.

read it here!

i´ve got the Bloc Party lp since a few days ago, and i think this could be the album of the year. also, sean adams from DIS is a great man with good thoughts. it´s more important that indie acts get on top.

a great sign for this changing process, are the NME awards, where acts like Franz Ferdinand, The Killers etc are the big winners of the show. but even you aren´t from the UK, you would be ignored by the music biz there. and that is a worse thing.

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

day one - getting started

2005 should become THE year of zeronic.

ok...same thing i thought in 2002, 2003, 2004 and they are still in austria.
but 2005 would be "our" year. raising up like phoenix comin out from the ashes. thats
my motto.

today not many things happen regarding reach that goal, but i´m just an optimistic motivated
guy. :)

we set also a new teaser website up at:
there you can listen to 5 songs of the first 2 full length recordings of zeronic.


brian epstein jr.