this is the diary of my work as an artist manager for a genius rock act, wich is hailing up from a place called austria, the heart of europe. so..this is not a guide to breakthrough, it´s more a story with an open end.

Friday, February 18, 2005

day two- like drinking poison like eating glass

i´m bored, cause today, it also nothing happen. i´ve send many mails out this week, but i thought that everyone ignore me.

yesterday, i get an e-mail from "drowned in sound"...their newsletter.

read it here!

i´ve got the Bloc Party lp since a few days ago, and i think this could be the album of the year. also, sean adams from DIS is a great man with good thoughts. it´s more important that indie acts get on top.

a great sign for this changing process, are the NME awards, where acts like Franz Ferdinand, The Killers etc are the big winners of the show. but even you aren´t from the UK, you would be ignored by the music biz there. and that is a worse thing.

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