this is the diary of my work as an artist manager for a genius rock act, wich is hailing up from a place called austria, the heart of europe. so..this is not a guide to breakthrough, it´s more a story with an open end.

Friday, March 11, 2005

day twenty one - oh my god, i can´t believe it...

last week, i met an a&r from a major company. it was very intersting, but also sober for me. cause now i think, majors are havin problems in there structure. their a&r was very friendly, but he told me that they aren´t havin that much money to produce a record with international famous producer. and that is what my act want. cause it´s possible to get good press if you have an international producer.

anyway. it was my first meeting with this a&r, and he is intersted on my act. i´ll keep him update and stay in contact.

yesterday, i´ve watched a documentary called "sunshine airlines - berlin" at the tv. there was peaches, miss kitten, cobra killer and germans newest pop wave sensation wir sind helden interviewed in different locations of berlin. they are talkin also very differnt about berlin. it was a good documantery about a great city. the only problem was, that i felt like a tourist. all is good there, nothing bad...that was the common sense.

thats it for now.

good music never dies.

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Anonymous jane said...

dear stefan!

i wish you all the best and good luck for your act. zeronic are great, and they would made it soon. don´t expect too much from this biz, believe in yourself and spread the word.

you´re so right. good music never dies.

see you soon.

from austin tx **

10:10 am

Blogger Hannes said...

nuff said! these people are tourists or visitors themselves. none of tem is from this city. they live here, they work here and they fuck the place up completely. this is the sad truth! oh well, cobra killer are actually born here but one of them is from spandau and if you ask someone from spandau if they're from berlin, they will tell you: actually no, I am from spandau. berlin is great and it sucks equally. club culture is a real pain in the arse, watching bands is the only chance to have a decent night out and if you really happen to be here, go for the Karrera Club or Thursday Child's weekly residency at Magnet. and never ever go to miss kitten, when she dj's. it's goddamn awful and boring!

get zerozonic across Dj Erik (Thursday at Magnet) and Spencer and Tim at Karrera Club. I guess they'll like them...


Hannes (been there have seen it all surprise me harder)

12:46 am


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