this is the diary of my work as an artist manager for a genius rock act, wich is hailing up from a place called austria, the heart of europe. so..this is not a guide to breakthrough, it´s more a story with an open end.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

day twenty six - yes, something more happened

last days there are many things happened. it all fit together, so i work on a timetable for the next few months wich include many important things regarding producing the new record and also to do a release in different markets like UK, germany, italy etc.

i´m in contact with the management of our producer.
also i´m in contact with a good indy label in the UK..their a&r told me that my act have very strong songs and also he suggested me that i should try it on different uk labels with the actual demo, cause his label haven´t the capacity to sign new acts not until autumn cause they need to work full time, with their own acts and current breakthrough artists.

thats it for now.

good music never dies.


Current mood: busy and excited
Current music: zeronic - images of girls (demo, new version)


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